About Soccer 4 Hope

Teaching girls life skills through sports and mentorship — Soccer & other sports bring people of all races and cultures together in a fun, collaborative, & competitive way. Soccer 4 Hope is part of Hoops 4 Hope, a global not-for-profit organization that has supported youth development throughout southern Africa since 1995. Learn more about Soccer 4 Hope.


Children are enrolled in S4H & H4H programs each year.

These boys and girls often grow up to become coaches within the program themselves, which helps the community as a whole.


Schools, shelters, & community groups in Zimbabwe & South Africa are involved.

These groups help encourage more children to get off the streets and participate in life-changing activities through S4H and H4H.


of volunteers committed to serving their communities with S4H & H4H!

As coaches, community business partners, and educators, our volunteers help children develop life skills and grow into healthy adults. More about our team.