Our Mission

Soccer 4 Hope (S4H), part of Hoops 4 Hope (H4H), is committed to providing girls and young women in challenged environments with a safe, nurturing place where they can develop more than just skills for the playing field: they can develop Skills 4 Life and grow up to be influential, contributing members of their communities. The S4H Skills for Life program focuses on dealing with gender issues, violence against women, and HIV.

S4H Is an Ongoing, Life-Changing Experience
Developing life-shaping habits does not emerge from a one-time classroom experience or donation. That’s why our educational and athletic programs are designed to be cyclical and persistent. Most children who get involved stay involved, and even grow up to give back to their own communities by becoming trained coaches themselves.

S4H Provides Long-Lasting Community Benefits
Soccer 4 Hope provides the skills and support young people need to play team sports and face the many challenges of growing up in communities plagued with poverty, crime, and HIV/AIDS. Our dedicated team of local volunteers and staff are on the ground and help achieve long-lasting community benefits, such as:

  • Building basketball courts and creating soccer fields;
  • Organizing leagues;
  • Distributing athletic equipment we collect from around the United States;
  • Running coaching clinics;
  • Organizing tournaments;
  • Supplying financial assistance for team travel; and
  • Hosting international basketball coaches and players.

As a not-for-profit organization, S4H and H4H partner with local schools, shelters, and community organizations in Zimbabwe and South Africa to offer youth development services proven to improve children’s lives.