Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Thanks to graphic artist Monica Rief, we can now tell our Hoops 4 Hope story through an African inspired graphic, the H4H Tree of Life.

What distinguishes the H4H tree? The leaves, flowers, and fruits = kids, success, fun! The supporting branches = MVPs/coaches/all stars; the real change agents on the ground who are hard working, loyal, and our reliable role models. The trunk = directors, supporters, donors, corporate organizations, and research; with whom we could not function without. The tree is grounded by a solid, organic foundation of nutrients; our curriculum and training methods, our longevity in the nonprofit marketplace, our community and global network, and friendships.

What does it take to get the tree growing? The sun= knowledge, energy, encouragement, enthusiasm, motivation, and the media; elements that make H4H stronger. The wind = the natural elements/outside forces that come and go; politics, gender inequality, corruption, crime, HIV/Aids, poverty, and drugs. The rain = those things which nurture the tree; support, sneakers, balls, uniforms, sneakers, and necessary funding.

As in the splendor of nature, the H4H story is cyclical, from kids to coaches to community.

Our colors are vibrant and communicate the energy of the children, healthy lifestyles, and positive attitudes. May the H4H Tree of Life continue to thrive for many years to come!