Start a S4H Fundraiser to Help More Girls in South Africa

With S4H, you can make a difference in young girls’ lives throughout South Africa. A S4H fundraisers lets you be directly involved in helping give young girls and teens in South Africa an opportunity to grow up to be stronger, healthier adults. With a S4H fundraiser, you’re able to:

  • Use and develop your creativity and leadership skills
  • Set your own goals and recruit your own team
  • Organize events in your community to help raise funds
  • Distribute marketing materials provided by S4H to raise awareness of your event

The money you raise goes directly to providing more sustainable and innovative S4H programs in Zimbabwe and South Africa, and helps pay for soccer equipment, soccer uniforms, educational materials, living stipends for our community based All-Stars, and more. Many of our fundraisers are teenagers themselves, and understand how important it is to have peer support as a girl.

If you’re interested in becoming a S4H Fundraiser, we applaud your ambition and desire to give back.

Contact us today to get started!